How Women Just Conquered Soccer for Good

The future of soccer is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed. This May, we’ve seen the full potential of women’s soccer materialize, one good news story at a time. It all happened in the space of one week. On Wednesday, May 19, the U.S. women’s national team announced that they had won their battle for equal pay for men and women in national football teams. … Continue reading How Women Just Conquered Soccer for Good

This Season Was a Tale of Two Mercatos

The transfers during the two mercatos were very different from each other. Their outcome too. Why? As if the weather had something to do with it, the summer mercato was euphoric during the preseason with some transfers more flashy than others; yet it was much ado about almost nothing. While the winter market was marked by transfers without much fanfare but with already palpable benefits and … Continue reading This Season Was a Tale of Two Mercatos


Tennis, the media, the world… everything is moving around Naomi Osaka. And in this frantic race where her success has propelled her, Osaka has not stopped moving for at least two years. Released on July 16 on Netflix, a documentary series on her career allows us to replay this dazzling rise in slow motion and to discover the mental universe of this Japanese athlete of Haitian origin, … Continue reading THE OSAKA SAGA


La dernière fois que j’ai vu un gardien de but remporter le ballon d’or remonte au temps des télévisions “noir et blanc”. C’était sur le petit écran de ma grand-mère. Il fallait alors taper fort sur l’appareil pour capter des images lisibles de Lev Yachine. Ce goalkeeper soviétique toujours vétu de noir, venait de conquérir le coeur du monde grace à ses longs bras, si … Continue reading BALLON D’OR 2014, POURQUOI JE VOTERAIS NEUER